OEM Interiors vs the aftermarket – No contest

Let’s face it – Today’s modern vehicles leave a lot on the table when it comes to interior illumination – So change it up! Vivid whites, powerful amber patterns on the exterior give way to drab, low output interiors that leave you searching for your smartphone’s flashlight to help you see.

Get rid of the problem with a complete interior LED changeover. GarageWorks is proud to provide vehicle specific conversions kits using LEDs manufactured by industry leading Diode Dynamics. Each kit manufactured in the USA includes direct fit LED replacements for a complete vehicle transformation. You require no additional components and experience no issues with your vehicles electronic systems.

Kits are available for a wide range of vehicles, with various color & output options. Kits include LED license plate replacements as well (white only)
Want to mix up your set? We can customize – Reach out to get started.

2015-2020 Subaru WRX/STI kit as reference.
Pricing starts at $79 (Stage 1) & $109 (Stage 2) including shipment direct to your door.
Warranty: 3 year warranty 

What’s Included

In the Box:

  • Two (2) 28mm Vanity Bulbs (Stage 1 or Stage 2)
  • Two (2) 31mm Map Bulbs (Stage 1 or Stage 2)
  • Two (2) 194 License Plate Bulbs (Stage 1 or Stage 2)
  • One (1) 194 Trunk Bulb (Stage 1 or Stage 2)
  • One (1) 31mm Dome Bulb (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

Application: License Plate Light, Map Light, Dome Light, Trunk/Cargo Light, Vanity Mirror Light

Check out a few RN Subaru with the complete look – Before/After

2008 WRX – OEM to Diode Dynamics blue

2015 in Diode Dynamics red

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